inkandrolls asked:
Nice ink! Does the work on your chest go right onto your neck? It's hard to tell, but I do like that look :)

Just seen this sorry !! It goes slightly on to my neck yeah :)

Surgery went fine ! Although I’m in a whole world of pain and can barely see but let’s hope after all this I have pretty eyes.
I just hope you didn’t hate every moment we spent together.
Well I wanted something better man
I wished for something new
And I wanted something beautiful
And wish for something true
Been lookin’ for a reason man
Something to lose

Say my name and hers in the same breath, I dare you to say they taste the sameā€¦
I hope you miss me, even just a little.
I don’t… I don’t care where you’re gonna be next year. I don’t care if you’re crazy. God, I just know I wanna be with you. I don’t understand what you’re doing. It seems so pointless, I mean everything… It just seems pointless but when I’m with you it’s different. I don’t know why.